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Duck Hunting in North Texas and Oklahoma near Lake Texoma with Guide Dale Bestwina

duck hunting in north texas

Dale Bestwina's Duck Hunting Guide Service for North Texas and Oklahoma
Our duck hunting services in North Texas near Lake Texoma put you in the heart of the Red River Valley and Central Flyway of the United States where a variety water fowl (primarily ducks) rest during their migration south. The most common water fowl in this area are are ducks - Mallards, Pintails and Teal. 

 The Red River Valley produces a wide variety of forage, which is utilized by the different species of duck wintering in the area. Oklahoma Parks and Wildlife plants miles of Japanese millet by airplane, and we plant by Airboat as well. This forage provides a unique opportunity for my duck hunting guide service. It supports and enables the ducks to remain in North Central Texas throughout the hunting season. Along with Forage, our extensive scouting all year round enables us to keep and stay on the ducks. 
We utilize a 20’ airboat which is an accentual tool to get us into the shallow water where the ducks rest and feed.

Duck hunting season is November through January

duck hunting oklahoma
Limits of Mallards & Pintails
duck hunting north texas
Airboat duck hunting

Board Members form Allen DU

Awesome duck hunting

Limits of Mallards and Pintails

Banded Mallard Drake

Family duck hunt

Great Mallards in Oklahoma

Great late season duck hunt

December hunt
duck2_sm.jpg (7731 bytes)
Great Hunt
duck1_sm.jpg (7268 bytes)
some Big Green Heads
duck7_sm.jpg (9069 bytes)
Larry Tooker Great Hunt
duck9_sm.jpg (7687 bytes)
Great Hunt on Texoma
duck14_sm.jpg (7005 bytes)
Awesome Hunt
duck15_sm.jpg (8386 bytes)
Great Hunt on

Great Hunt
duck13_sm.jpg (6212 bytes)
Lavvy Anderson & Friends
Teal & Pintails Great Hunt
duck hunting lake texoma
Great hunt
texas duck hunting guide
Lots of Greenheads

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